Clinell Disinfectant Surface Cleaner 500ml

Clinell Disinfectant Surface Cleaner 500ml

Product no.: CLS500
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Use on Surfaces only

Clinell Disinfectant Spray thoroughly cleans and disinfects any surface. Ideal for large areas or hard to reach places which are frequently missed.

Containing a unique patent pending formula, that consists of 6 different biocides, it is proven to kill 99.999% of al known micro-organisms including MRSA and avian H5N1 virus. Unlike other powerful biocides, the formula is hand safe and has had more extensive testing than any other similar product.

Ideal for sanitising frequently used surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as countertops and tables, and also for disinfecting hard objects such as telephone receivers, door handles, keyboards, light switches and hand rails.
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